First CLAW Match Tuesday Feb. 12 @ Blue Moon 8-10

Come on down to the Blue Moon on Tuesday, Feb. 12th for the first CLAW match! The proceedings start at 8 p.m., but come early for dinner and to make sure you have a good view of the action.

This month, our celebrity judges include local musical genius-heroes Jim Waive and Sarah White and our cause is The Voice Project, an educational theatre program that helps inmates engage in creative exploration of the self through drama. Throughout the workshops in acting, improvisational storytelling, writing, directing, and movement, participants work to develop stronger social skills; a fuller sense of creative expression; greater self and community awareness; tolerance of differences; ability to resolve conflicts; and higher self-esteem. Currently, the program is being offered to the inmates of Fluvanna Correctional Facility for Women.



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2 responses to “First CLAW Match Tuesday Feb. 12 @ Blue Moon 8-10

  1. Hey, I think Sunday is the only meeting I can attend. But I’m yours for whatever prep work is needed!

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