The CLAW Has Done Been Sunk

Thursday night was the first organizational meeting of the CLAW {Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers} at Blue Moon Diner and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Sixteen women showed up (seventeen if you count our awesome waitress) and the camraderie seemed instant. Every one of us are arm-warriors, ready with “terrifying” personas and fake nails, to raise crazy amounts of money for women-initiated causes in our town. By the end of the 2-hour meeting, we had countless impromptu bouts and it became clear that everyone had some sort of game, but not necessarily in their biceps. Witness OneStarWatt‘s tactic: “Your hands are so soft and smooth.”

And last night, two ladies who didn’t make the meeting were playing catchup:



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2 responses to “The CLAW Has Done Been Sunk

  1. I think I have my wrestling persona. White gloves are involved.

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