CLAW 2 Rocks it for Community Bikes March 11th

CLAW 2 was a resounding success! The Blue Moon Diner crammed about 25% more people in, we put the wrestling table on a platform for better visibility of the action, added a sound system, and a PA for the emcee (that would be me). Our champion of the night was the spicy Bunny Hampton (who’s pictured with The Ref in the blog masthead), a newcomer to CLAW, a tantalizing mixture of rabbit, skeleton and rich socialite. She came away with a beautiful gold trophy, courtesy of our fundraising recipient Community Bikes, and with a set of claws. Leopard fake fingernails, to be specific. Thanks to all the awesome wrasslers who brought the mojo:

Magellan [Runner-up and all-around adorable member of P.A.W.A.]
The ChemMistress
Cowgirl Sady-istic
Lefty Red
Tragedy Ann
Stiletto Southpaw
The Crone
Bunny Hampton [Crowd favorite and winner of the competition]

And to The Ref, the Under-the-Table Umpire (who engaged in some fiery conflict with Stiletto this time), MoJo, Trixie, Kaity the Harrible, Nurse Cheryl, and our fabulous celebrity judges Brandon Collins and Stephen Barling of BC.

CLAW photographer Billy Hunt (who will be doing a CLAW photo show in June at Cafe Cubano), has put up his terrific shots here. Another CLAW documentarian and devotee, Anthony Childs, has posted his CLAW photos on Facebook here and here, but you’ll need an account to view them.

In financial news, we took in $585, which is impressive considering that at our inaugural CLAW in February we had one individual who gave $300 and we sold a ton of merch. This time, our $300 guy wasn’t in attendance and we sold far fewer t-shirts (we think Opal was too far from the action, which we can fix next time). So we basically made the same amount of money without much merch or a single large donation.

There’s always more to improve and next time we will pay special attention to the microphone/amp and the music, as several people’s CDs either didn’t play or weren’t loud enough. I apologize for your disappointment if this is you. I also heartily apologize to Bunny Hampton for hurting her arm in the final, unfair showdown between the champ and the emcee whose only physical work all evening is holding up a microphone. Next month, I look forward to wrestling fairly as The Prim Reaper with Sian emceeing.

Females, please let me know asap if you want to wrestle April 8th!


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One response to “CLAW 2 Rocks it for Community Bikes March 11th

  1. Hey Y’all!
    That was an awesome time and I cain’t wait to get up in my fancy clothes and be the best damn emcee y’all have ever seen!

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