The View from Down There – CLAW 3

Clearly The Empire had rough time getting out from Under the Table, to judge by the tardiness of this month’s View from Down There. As you might imagine, it was dark and dirty Under the Table at CLAW 3. Dark, dirty and dangerous.

Once again, the CLAW kids mixed it up by moving things around. While The Empire was in her usual position on the floor (and Under the Table), the entire wrestling location was rotated 90º for everyone’s viewing pleasure. The Empire would like to tell you that this afforded more and better seating, but really, she didn’t count.

CLAW 3 became media central: in addition to (fabulous) coverage in The Progress and by the TV news, there was a newly mounted close-circuit camera that allowed all the folks inside and outside Le Bleu Moon to more fully participate in the betting and hollering and general raucousness that is a CLAW Event. The Empire is sure that all this closed-circuit-hooha will eventually lead to a speedier delivery of her drinks by kind and worthy patrons, and she thanks y’all in advance.

While some of CLAW’s most loyal patrons demonstrated exemplary behavior at this month’s Event, there were other, more Johnny-come-lately-type patrons who – shall we say – might have needed to to be politely excused from Our Event. Patrons would do well to remember that The Empire calls it like she sees it and is not one to cross.

Watch your feet and The Empire will see y’all next month.


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