CLAW Raises $1005 for S.H.E. on June 10th!

On June 10th, beneath a crackling, lightning filled sky, under a white tent, next to a white garage, the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers transformed their dirty, backroom activities at the Blue Moon Diner into … well, dirty outdoor activities at the Blue Moon Diner. According to our sky-CLAW blimp, there were somewhere between 100-300 people in attendance at CLAW 5. Rosie was back on the mike as emcee, The Empire was back under the table, and Straight Punch to the Crotch dazzled the audience with their new CLAW anthem as well as many other rockin’ songs for the crowd to dance to. The Ref brought a new, mostly AAA regulation toolkit containing handcuffs, kazoos, a ratchet set, a saw and some other unmentionables.

We had 2, not one, sound guys and almost managed to have the wrasslers’ theme songs play correctly, i.e. out loud, and in the right order. We had a fantastic display of appropriately poor sportsladyship and creativity with a bunch of new wrestlers. Here was the round 1 lineup (* indicates winner of matchup):

Unholy Betty Roller (Lisa Speidel)*
Mohammed Sugar Ray Cato Bruce Lee (Sara Elizabeth)

The Punctuator (Cathy Harding)
Tinkerhell (Kristin Hennings Solomon)*

Ulysses S. Nopants (Lily McVey)
Purple Haze (Amy McLeskey)*

The Pitbull (Tara Hodges)*
Sparkles (Lara Fisher)

The final round was a matchup between TinkerHell (who doesn’t give a@#$% if you believe in fairies) and The Pitbull, with TinkerHell taking the championship and winning the crowd favorite title and trophy. The event raised $1,005 for the Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE).

Next Tournament: July 8th. Charity TBD.



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2 responses to “CLAW Raises $1005 for S.H.E. on June 10th!

  1. jennifer

    I just can’t emphasize how much Purple Haze made my night with her fog machine. People, she had fog following her. The only person who failed to appreciate the fog machine was the Under-the-Table Empire who got it in the face a bit too much.

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