THRILLA in CVILLA – Details Released

Saturday, July 25rd, 8pm.

Morton Assault Girl
Spawn of Bridezilla
The Punctuator
Stiletto Southpaw
Purple Haze
Jock (B)Itch
Kaity the Harrible

Also on duty:
Trixie “The Vault” Mancini
The Empire
Nurse Cheryl
MC Rosie the Wrist Twister
house band Straight Punch to the Crotch

Celebrity Judges:
Jim Waive (Musician & Permanent Lifetime Judge)
Ty Cooper (Film Producer & Entrepreneur)
Amy Gardner (Entrepreneur & Light House board prez)



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2 responses to “THRILLA in CVILLA – Details Released

  1. Jackie

    Have you guys ever thought of a master’s category of wrasslers? Over 50’s. I used to be a great arm wrestler and can probably work myself up to beat anyone in my age category, but wouldn’t want to wrestle ladies 25 years younger than me. Anyone else interested in this?

  2. theresa

    A friend from Charlottesville told me about your group after I was telling her about our Jet City RollerGirls. Seems like you have a lot in common. T

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