CLAW Special Edition 10 pm this Friday, Nov. 6th

Featuring CLAW

We were somewhat easily seduced into holding a last-minute sneak attack CLAW this Friday, Nov. 6th, as part of a Virginia Film Festival event honoring director John Waters who will be in attendance. The party, which will take place at The Southern Music Hall & Cafe, is called “DIRTY PINK POLYESTER,” and features CLAW, the Derby Dames, and two DJs from New York. Because we are part of a larger event, there is a $10 ticket price (available at the door only) or $5 if you are a UVA student. We are still waiting to hear back from Mr. Waters about which of our local charity nominees gets his vote.

Starting at around 10:30, we will begin a half-CLAW, with four of our most formidable wrasslers:

Stiletto Southpaw
Purple Haze
The Homewrecker

We plan to use this event to promote the debut of Brian Wimer’s hilarious CLAW Docu(mocku)mentary (volume 1) at the Virginia Film Festival. It will be screened on Saturday, Nov. 7th, at 11:15 PM at the Regal Downtown Cinemas.

Please plan to arrive early and bring cash for betting, bribing, and classy CLAW merch. There are 300 tickets available at the door, so we expect this to sell out. Hope to see you there!




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2 responses to “CLAW Special Edition 10 pm this Friday, Nov. 6th

  1. Samantha Stark

    Wow, the CLAW docu(mocku)mentary sounds exciting. Is there any way for a gal in New York to see it?

    I’ve been working on documenting female arm wrestlers in NYC. I’ve been told that sometimes, a women will show up at a male-dominated arm wrestling competition and no one will even be there to compete against her. How great is it that you have a whole lady arm wrestling troupe? I’d love to know more.

    I just did a blog post about about New York’s current female arm wrestling champ, if you want to check it out:

  2. April M

    Please let me know of any upcoming events.

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