CLAW is/are a loose (and we do mean loose) affiliation of superbad women arm wrestling each other to raise money for women-initiated causes. We used to hold tournaments once a month at Blue Moon Diner until we got too big and started doing it randomly, but at least annually. We are committed to supporting our community in and around Charlottesville, Virginia.

We have a facebook page, where you can become a fan and get all the latest CLAW news and updates.

Wanna Wrassle?

If you identify as female, you may wrassle with us. Send an email to Jennifer Tidwell at jennifer at clawville dot org or post a comment below.

If you’re not a female, and you want to volunteer, find some female you whose entourage you can be a part of or for whom you can act as manager/promoter. Or post to the comment form below that you’re interested and we will put you to work!

17 responses to “About

  1. Lillian Fish

    Hi! Would it be possible to get a teeshirt from yall?


  2. James

    Hey I really enjoyed last night’s CLAW competition. There just might be hope for Charlottesville yet. Definitely one of the most interesting experience I’ve had in a while. Thanks for the show…

  3. jennifer

    Thanks, James. We hope to see you on Aug. 12th!

  4. interesting blog… 🙂

  5. Might the proceeds from one of your arm-wrassling events go to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA? The cats and dogs could use the help…..

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  7. How ab0ut Wrestling for Peace? Look at website and get involved.

  8. Diana

    Hello, I was enchanted by the Washington Post’s article done on women’s arm wrestling, and was wondering if you have any advice for starting an arm wrestling league. We are developing LUEWWD.. League of Uppper Extremity Women’s Wrestling in Durham! Very excited! Any pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated…


  9. jennifer

    Hi Diana,
    We’re excited about your plans! Email me at jennifer at clawville dot org and we’ll help you get started.

    All the best,
    Jennifer (aka Rosie the Wrist Twister)

  10. Thanks for the inspiration! Here in NC we have developed LUEWWD, and ready for our inaugural bout on June 12th in Durham.
    Check us out! Some day, we should have our own little bout.

  11. M. Cherie L.

    I actually came across an article about you all in More magazine and was really excited. I am a Charlottesville native and had never heard of you ladies but am totally interested in what you are doing and how i can participate in some way or even just catch a match.

  12. Hi. I am a promoter and i also compete. We are hosting another tournament Sept.11,2010 (Quest With Arms 3) in Elizabeth City NC. This is a sanctioned event through the American Armsports Association. We have a womens class and didn’t know if this would be something you all would be interested in. We could add another womens class if necessary to accomadate different weights. ArmTV from San Diego Cal. will be there to film the this event. Also i’d like to know when your next event is.

    • Jennifer Tidwell

      Keith, thanks for all your efforts to include CLAW in your event. We are not, however, a legitimate sporting organization. We’re more like the World Wrestling Federation version of the sport. Lots of theater, mischief, and unfair outcomes. And we give money to charity. I’m happy to hear there’s something called ArmTV, though. They should definitely come cover our event!

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