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THRILLA in CVILLA – Details Released

Saturday, July 25rd, 8pm.

Morton Assault Girl
Spawn of Bridezilla
The Punctuator
Stiletto Southpaw
Purple Haze
Jock (B)Itch
Kaity the Harrible

Also on duty:
Trixie “The Vault” Mancini
The Empire
Nurse Cheryl
MC Rosie the Wrist Twister
house band Straight Punch to the Crotch

Celebrity Judges:
Jim Waive (Musician & Permanent Lifetime Judge)
Ty Cooper (Film Producer & Entrepreneur)
Amy Gardner (Entrepreneur & Light House board prez)



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CLAW Chooses Light House Studio as Funds Recipient for THRILLA IN CVILLA

Light House Mission statement:

Light House Studio is an independent youth media center dedicated to local youth who want to make movies with an emphasis on personal expression and local stories.

Light House has helped young filmmakers create more than 150 documentary, dramatic, and animated films. Our student work has been broadcast on PBS, CNN, IFC (Independent Film Channel) and Public Access Television and featured at film festivals around the world. Our workshops are held in our studio in the City Center for Contemporary Arts and on site in public housing and local schools.

For more info contact Sam Baker,, 293.6992

Light House Studio 121 Water Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902



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