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We have a new website!

Thanks to Michaux Hood (aka Jock (b)Itch) at Charmedworks, we have a brand spanking updated website in time for our revival on November 12th, 2010, so change your bookmark! Thanks, Michaux. Come see us at the Blue Moon Diner on Friday and bring $5 for the cover charge. Proceeds supporting the Women’s Initiative.


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CLAW Postponing Interleague Championship

We are so sorry to disappoint those of you who are eager to see CLAW again, but for a host of reasons we have had to push off our planned Aug. 7th interleague championship to an undetermined date in the future. Stay tuned for more information…

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CLAW Featured on local NPR All Things Considered

Deepak Singh, a local reporter for NPR’s WVTF, stumbled upon CLAW while walking by the Blue Moon Diner on Sept. 9th. He went back to his house to get his equipment and made this piece, which aired on Friday afternoon during All Things Considered, Sept. 26th. Thanks, Deepak!

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Bridezilla Takes the Trophy as CLAW scores $2,375 for SARA!

On Tuesday, we CLAWs had our most successful night yet, netting $2,375 for local charity Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA). New house band Straight CLAW to the Crotch opened the night with their CLAW theme song and emcee Rosie (that’s me) introduced the audience to the celebrity judges musician Jim Waive and City Councilor Holly Edwards, who relished the faux legitimacy she brought to the proceedings.

This month, we had a new “greenroom” of tattered green rug in the parking lot for the wrasslers to relax and preen in and on with their large entourages. As I looked at all the wrestlers and CLAW production volunteers, I worried that we may outnumber the crowd itself. But that turned out not to be the case as hundreds of eager spectactors poured in just before 8 PM.

Rather than try to describe what happened in detail, I’ll let you check out Will Kerner’s shots and official CLAW photographer Billy Hunt’s shots.

The night reached a fever pitch as Bridezilla reached Round 3 and went into labor and the crowd of several hundred went wild screaming “Breathe, breathe, breathe!” It worked. The baby never came and she won her match against formidable former champion The Homewrecker in a tie-break.

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Hello gorgeous people. Nurse Cheryl here. Just wanted to make sure you check out our girl, Cowgirl Sady-istic ,in the paper. She appears in the Curtain Calls section of this week’s Cville Weekly.

You can go here to see the video and learn more about what we are raising money for this month and to see her kick Brendan’s butt thumb wrestling. Luckily Brendan has many other bad ass talents to rely on.

See Y’all next week at the match!


Nurse Cheryl.

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you’re welcome

Clearly, those ladies from Community Bikes are well brought-up, seeing as they send thank you notes so quick. The Empire will post it here, for all to see.



On behalf of All CLAWdom, you are very, very welcome.

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The CLAW Has Done Been Sunk

Thursday night was the first organizational meeting of the CLAW {Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers} at Blue Moon Diner and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Sixteen women showed up (seventeen if you count our awesome waitress) and the camraderie seemed instant. Every one of us are arm-warriors, ready with “terrifying” personas and fake nails, to raise crazy amounts of money for women-initiated causes in our town. By the end of the 2-hour meeting, we had countless impromptu bouts and it became clear that everyone had some sort of game, but not necessarily in their biceps. Witness OneStarWatt‘s tactic: “Your hands are so soft and smooth.”

And last night, two ladies who didn’t make the meeting were playing catchup:


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