CLAW is no longer holding monthly matches. Check back for unexpected matches on our website home page.

7 responses to “Schedule

  1. ClawWannaBe

    What time is the match next Tuesday?

  2. the kingpin

    Thanks for the reminder to remind people about the time. Check out the latest post on our front page!

  3. Oh OH pick me. pick me.

    Oh. you already did.
    Thanks by the way.
    But the project is broke, can it have some more?
    heh. 😉

  4. hey, looks great, you coming up to NY?
    maybe i should come down and photograph a bunch?!
    check out my site, thanks, a

  5. Emily

    When will y’all start up again? Fingers crossed that you will be able to have another season 🙂
    I had such a wonderful time in November. You Ladies are fantastic!

  6. chris

    Hello Claw,
    My name is Chris Kugelman. i am a documentary filmmaker that just moved back to Charlottesville. My girlfriend showed me your website, really great.
    Wondering if you all will be organizing another season of CLAW. if so would love to talk to you.

    All the very best in 09.

  7. We are having a tournament Sept.11,2010 (Quest With Arms 3) in Elizabeth City NC. We have a womens class and didn’t know if this would be something you all would be interested in. We could add another womens class if necessary to accomadate different weights. Also I’d like to know when your next event is.

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